ROI-NJ Announces the Influencers Power List for 2020 - Tony Coscia at #15

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Who are the people who will have the biggest influence on everything affecting business in the State of New Jersey? ROI-NJ's 2020 Influencers Power List breaks it down and includes Tony Coscia at #15. 

  • "Here’s the deal: Coscia is worthy of a top spot in this list simply because he is one of the state’s top attorneys, specifically in dealing with corporate and real estate finance transactions and mergers and acquisitions. But that’s just part of what he does. As chairman of Amtrak, he’s not only worked to turn the company around (it’s profitable for the first time) he is working with New Jersey Transit to build a better relationship between the entities to create better rail infrastructure in the state. This, of course, leads to the ultimate: He is one of the chief planners/negotiators/leaders of the once-in-a-century Gateway Tunnel project. No one can be sure when it will get approved and ultimately finished, but, when it does, you can be certain that Coscia’s influence will be all over it."