"The Transportation Network Company Litigation Explosion," by Matt Daus

Monday, January 26, 2015

Matt Daus and Jasmine Le Veaux's article, "The Transportation Network Company Litigation Explosion" was recently published by The Municipal Lawyer Magazine in their November/December issue.

The introduction of new "transportation network companies" or "TNCs" has had a "game changing" impact on the traditional transportation industry. TNCs offer smartphone applications ("app(s)") which provide free online booking for for-hire transportation and/or ridesharing services. Passengers request rides through an app from a private passenger vehicle driven by a non-commercially licensed driver, a commercially licensed vehicle and a commercially licensed driver, or some other configuration of licensed/unlicensed vehicles and/or drivers. Passengers generally pay for such services through a credit card, the information for which is saved electronically in the passenger's online profile for the app. The fact that anyone may pick-up a passenger, in any type of vehicle, when the app communicates the passenger's location to a driver, has resulted in an onslaught of potential legal violations of local, state, and federal law.

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