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Article - Wayne Cook Talks to NYBJ on Hotel Industry Impact from Airbnb
NOVEMBER 08, 2016 | New York Business Journal

Wayne Cook (Partner, New York Office) was quoted in an article published by the New York Business Journal titled "Airbnb: New bill hurts millennials the most as property listings in N.Y.C. decrease." The article discusses the impact of Airbnb on the hotel industry. Wayne's comments:

  • "The bill [that Cuomo signed] shows the power of the lodging industry," says Cook , believing it should be modified. When it comes to hotels and Airbnb, "they are two different markets," he added.
  • "Airbnb users are mostly millennials who either don't want to spend $350 a night for a full service hotel, or simply can't afford it."

Read the NY Business Journal article.

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