Accessible Transportation Resources: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

COVID-19 Resources for People with Disabilities

The NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities has put together a comprehensive set of information to support the most vulnerable populations in the city. The information provides updates on closures, materials on useful programs, and a list of organizations that provide essential services to the elderly and disabled, including: food and supplies, social services/Medicaid benefits, home health care providers, transportation, housing, utilities, education, employment, businesses, finance, pets and service animals, and mental health resources. The following information has been gathered specifically to inform people with disabilities on the resources available to the population during NYC's response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
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MIT Study Reveals NYC Subways Seeded the Massive Coronavirus Epidemic

This study, performed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), explores the spread of COVID-19 through a geographical demographic data analysis of NYC subway lines. MIT researchers claim that the multi-tentacled subway system in NYC was a major facilitator, if not the principal facilitator, of the virus. This study illuminates the differences between infection rates on local trains versus express trains, proving local trains were more influential in the spread of the virus due to the increased number of riders who entered and exited those trains. The report’s conclusion is that the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s decision to cut back its train service may have actually accelerated the spread of the virus.  In retrospect, doubling the frequency of train service instead would have prevented overcrowded trains and promoted social distancing. Click Here to Read More