Windels Marx Announces Formation of, and Leadership Role in, COTA

Monday, November 7, 2011

(New York, NY) Windels Marx announced today the formation of the ground-breaking Coalition of Transportation Associations ("COTA"), which has participation from all of the major New York Metro trade associations for the black car and luxury for-hire ground transportation industry.

The announcement arrives on the occasion of the annual Limo Digest Show in Atlantic City, NJ, at which LBOA President Sergio Sanchez presented an award to Barry Lefkowitz, the Executive Director of LANJ. Members of COTA were present to applaud the announcement.

COTA's mission is universal to its member associations, namely:

  • to advance, support and preserve the integrity and economic viability of the for-hire ground transportation industry;
  • to promote environmental sustainability;
  • to foster job growth and inter-modal transportation solutions;
  • to support reasonable government regulation; and
  • to enhance customer service and explore viable advances in technology to assist businesses, passengers and the industry.

COTA will be Chaired by Windels Marx partner, Matthew W. Daus, who leads the Transportation practice and has a long legacy of service to the transportation industry. COTA includes representation from the presidents of:

In addition, COTA will meet to respond to important industry issues, proactively pursue a regulatory agenda, further matters of common interest and participate in joint forums and other events.

Matthew Daus said, "COTA is a result of growing cooperation within the industry on issues that affect all of our member associations. We believe tha.t there is strength in numbers and indispensable advantages to communicate regularly, share information more proactively and to raise our collective profile through participation in various forums and events." Mr. Daus will provide pro bono legal and consulting services to COTA. He also serves as General Counsel to both LBOA and LANJ.

LBOA President Sergio Sanchez added, "I'm delighted and honored that COTA has chosen the LBOA breakfast/annual meeting at the 2011 Annual Limo Digest Show to announce our desire to work together for the industry's collective good. There is no better time to pledge support for our sister groups as we honor LANJ Executive Director, Barry Lefkowitz. And, we could not have chosen a more appropriate and capable Chair than Matthew Daus, who was instrumental in bringing our groups together. He brings his expertise to the table by graciously donating his and Windels Marx's time to advance COTA's universal mission."

Barry Lefkowitz, Executive Director of LANJ, on behalf of Tim Rose (President) said, "It has been the philosophy and goal of LANJ for the past 14 years to work closely with the industry, since issues are not just local but tend to be regional. It is important that we share our knowledge and resources with one another."

From LANY, President Jeff Rose added, "It's long overdue that New York's ground transportation industry speaks with a unified voice on the issues and objectives that concern all of us. We are a job creation machine. It is imperative that we work together and pursue policies, procedures and best practices that avoid a misfire of this economic engine."

Berj Haroutunian, President of the Black Car Assistance Corporation, stated, "I am very pleased that all the organizations got together to form COTA. As we discovered through recent informal meetings, we have more in common than we have differences. When all member associations agree on an issue, COTA gives us a conduit to speak with a unified and powerful voice. I look forward to working with all my fellow members in the future."

Douglas Schwartz, President of the Long Island Limousine Association, said, "There is nothing more powerful than knowledge, and nothing easier than sharing that knowledge with people you know!"

In addition to the trade organizations, Ira Goldstein, the Executive Director of the Black Car Fund, will attend and participate in COTA meetings and activities, to provide organizational assistance and, where appropriate, to ensure that Workers' Compensation coverage issues are addressed.

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