Charles Hamilton Quoted by on Harlem Redevelopment Plan

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 quoted Charles Hamilton (Senior Counsel, New York) in a February 19, 2013 article entitled "Locals Fear 125th Street Garage Redevelopment Plan Mired in Politics", which details two competing proposals for a major redevelopment project on Harlem's 125th street.

One plan, proposed by the National Urban League and supported by Governor Cuomo and the Empire State Development Corporation (EDC), includes moving the group's national headquarters to the site in addition to building a civil rights museum and affordable housing units.

In response to criticism that the Governor's support of the plan is fueled by political aspirations, Charles, who serves as the National Urban League's outside general counsel, was quoted as saying the following:

  • "EDC and the Empire State Development Corporation have made it clear that this was going to be decided on the merits"
  • "We want to be in Harlem where we were founded. It's no secret, and we've talked to the mayor and the governor about it. They do not want us to leave New York the same way they wouldn't want any other business to leave."

Charles also noted that the "Urban League project would jumpstart 125th Street by bringing hundreds of jobs to the area and a national destination in the form of the civil-rights museum, which would become home to the group's traveling museum."

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