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Event - Jasmine Le Veaux Represents Transportation Group at QICA
FEBRUARY 08, 2012

Jasmine Le Veaux (Associate, New York) was a panelist at the Queens Interagency Council on Aging (QICA) community meeting that explored "Accessible Transportation - Access and Senior Mobility." View a photo captured during Jasmine's remarks at the event.

Held on February 8, 2012, Jasmine's participation in the QICA event was an extension of the city- and statewide conversations generated as a result of legislative developments impacting New York's transportation industry and the communities they serve.

A January 5th op-ed piece published in The New York Times, which was authored by Matthew Daus (Transportation group chair) and to which Jasmine contributed, and a regulatory update published by the Transportation group, discussed various aspects of the State and City of New York's plan to expand street hail service citywide, increase wheelchair accessibility and raise revenue from auctioning new medallions and permits.


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