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Article - Bruce Bronster Identifies 2015 Trends for Restaurant Hospitality Magazine
Unique Cuts, More Protein
DECEMBER 17, 2014 | Restaurant Hospitality Magazine

Hospitality Partner, Bruce Bronster, was quoted recently in two December 8, 2014 Restaurant Hospitality articles focused on trends for the upcoming year.

  • 2015 trends: Pieces and Parts (free subscription applies) - Bruce said: "We all came from the poor country, and when you're poor, you're going to use the entire animal. What chefs are really doing today is experimenting using unusual parts. They're not doing it to save money, but to explore interesting takes on cuisine."
  • 2015 trends: Pack in the Protein (free subscription applies) - Bruce said: "People are becoming much more educated with regards to protein. Producers are telling you where meats come from. They're very open in terms of educating the consumer on how meats are raised. People want a balanced diet and now we're realizing animal fats aren't that unhealthy for you."

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