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Article - The Cooperator Quotes Bruce Bronster on Co-Op/Condo Disputes
JULY 02, 2014 | The Cooperator

In the June 2014 edition of The Cooperator, Bruce Bronster (Partner, New York) addressed disputes that arise in co-ops and condos, as well as alternatives to litigation:

  • "A problem between the board and the residents can be a disgruntled shareholder who ultimately is upset with building management, the board or another shareholder. The problems could be a noise issue, smells, or pet problems. Usually the first line of the problem is to talk to the super, or someone who is in charge of the building. It depends on how the shareholder wants to handle it."
  • "The disgruntled shareholder is basically complaining to anyone trying to get to the ultimate goal or to go to court. We've had a couple of cases where the court says that before they hear the case they think hearing a mediator will be effective."
  • "They will make a report, but both parties must agree that it's binding. It's a funny situation, because the mediator will meet with group A first and be their best friend. Then meet group B and be their best friend. Then they'll try to figure out why the other guy is wrong and become group A's worst enemy and then group B's worst enemy. It comes down to how well you can convince the mediator you have a case."

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