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Article - Bruce Bronster on Potential for Post-Olympics Litigation Against Unfinished Sochi Hotels
FEBRUARY 13, 2014 | Law360

In a February 7th Law360 article entitled "Politics May Curb Legal Rows Over Broken Sochi Hotel Deals," Bruce Bronster (Partner, New York) discussed the possibility of litigation against unfinished Olympic hotels in Sochi, Russia.

Bruce notes the following:

  • "When it comes to construction, if a project is 90 percent complete, the greatest damages a plaintiff could be entitled to are for the remaining 10 percent under the standard contract provisions that are internationally used."
  • "Legal friction could arise from unhappy visitors seeking to recoup damages for not getting the accommodations that were expected, especially if there are any major aggregators that purchased a lot of hotel rooms."
  • "They [Sochi hotels] might deal with it proactively."
  • "Matters would be more likely to turn into a public legal row if any foreign companies are implicated in the troubles and seek to work things out in an international venue, like The Hague."

Read the article (subscription required).

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