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Article - Bruce Bronster Contributes to Law360's "Hospitality Regulation and Legislation to Watch in 2014"
JANUARY 03, 2014 | Law360

In the January 1st edition of Law360, Bruce Bronster (Partner, New York) provided insight on the impact that laws increasing the minimum wage, which will go into affect this year in New York and New Jersey, could have on the restaurant industry.

Considering that the industry is contantly balancing labor costs, rent and other factors, Bruce noted:

  • "If you change any one of those drivers in any significant way, something has to happen. Either restaurants are going to lower their quality, diminish their services or increase their pricing."

The article additionally notes that, "In New York, there also proposed changes to the Hospitality Industry Wage Order that include new tip credits and other changes, according to Bronster."

Read the full article (subscription required).

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