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Article - Christian Science Monitor Quotes Bruce Bronster on Opening of 4 World Trade Center
NOVEMBER 14, 2013 | Christian Science Monitor

The November 14th edition of the Christian Science Monitor discussed the opening of 4 World Trade Center and its impact on New York and the surrounding commercial and residential real estate interests. Entitled "4 World Trade Center opens, a shining symbol of a vibrant New York," real estate partner, Bruce Bronster, is widely quoted.

  • "Because of the financial and economic unrest worldwide, New York has become a place for investors to park their money," says Bruce Bronster, a real estate attorney and partner at Windels Marx, a Manhattan-based law firm. "They believe it's a safe haven for investment, and they're investing in real estate - individuals are investing, foreign banks are investing, sovereign funds are investing - there's lots of money that's coming here."
  • "The new World Trade Center is not just symbolic, it's going to be the home to hundreds and hundreds of business and retail establishments," says Mr. Bronster, who currently has clients negotiating to be included in the retail concourse on the site. "The museum will be there, the transportation Oculus, and there's going to be a retail concourse that is so magnificent that it's going to be an architectural destination."

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