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Authored - NJ Contract Law Update - Presumption Against Waiver Of Arbitration
OCTOBER 24, 2013 | Windels Marx - Commercial Litigation

Salinas v. New Jersey Re-Insurance Co., ___ 2013 WL 3014127 (N.J. App.Div June 19. 2013), reaffirmed the "presumption against waiver of an arbitration agreement; which can only be overcome by clear and convincing evidence that the party asserting it chose to seek relief in a different forum." This is a variation of the arbitration-waiver issue referenced in prior Articles.

In Salinas, a demand for arbitration, coupled with a Superior Court Complaint "to compel defendant to select [an...] arbitrator", did not warrant a finding of waiver of arbitration--even when the discovery 'took place' (at least in some sense) in the Superior Court matter.

Interestingly, not only had an early motion to compel arbitration been denied; but in addition, an interlocutory appeal had also been denied--each apparently without any statement of judicial reasons. "[A]t trial, plaintiff renewed his request to compel...arbitration." Denial of that request led to the plaintiff's successful appeal.

Salinas may be an 'easy case'; but the principle against presuming arbitration waiver is strong.

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