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Case Win - Bruce Bronster and Team Successfully Defend Prominent Entertainer in Ownership and Sale of Antique Cars
SEPTEMBER 08, 2011

Bruce Bronster (Partner, New York) served as lead counsel in the successful defense and settlement of an action involving a prominent entertainer, a rare cause of action (replevin) and two rare collectible automobiles. The legal team also included Leonid Krechmer, Michael Resnikoff and Christopher Mehno (Associates, New York).

The case arose out of ownership and sale of two antique vehicles, a 1931 Duesenberg Model J and a Rolls Royce Phantom. The prior vehicles' owner, John Straus, whose family founded Macy's, died in 2008 leaving the cars stored in a parking facility managed by Mr. Bronster's clients and, to cover arrears, the garage auctioned the cars. The Duesenberg was purchased by comedian and avid car collector, Jay Leno. When the Duesenberg was prominently featured in his world-famous garage, the Estate of John Straus commenced an action in replevin for return of the cars and also sued for damages.

After an extensive motion practice, Mr. Bronster negotiated a settlement allowing Mr. Leno to retain ownership of the Duesenberg without any admission of wrongdoing.

The case has been discussed in several publications, including:


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