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Case Development - Bruce Bronster and David Graff Win Oral Argument in New York State Supreme Court Case
MARCH 08, 2013

On March 6, 2013, Bruce Bronster (Partner, New York) and David Graff (alumnus) won an oral argument in New York State Supreme Court successfully opposing a Summary Judgment in Lieu of Complaint filed by First Choice International Company ("First Choice") against our client, Minatura Gold. Additionally, our client will be permitted to interpose counterclaims against First Choice as well as third party claims against a related enterprise for their collective breaches of fiduciary duty, fraud, breaches of trust, and illegally acting as a broker dealer. Judge Coin's favorable decision affords our client the opportunity to file claims against First Choice for damages in excess of $60 million dollars.

The case is First Choice International Company v. Minatura Gold.

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