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Announcement - Windels Marx Commences A Periodic Business Update on Post-Hurricane Sandy Developments
NOVEMBER 16, 2012 | Windels Marx - Post-Hurricane Sandy Business Response Team

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Hurricane Sandy cut a broad swath of disruption and destruction through communities, businesses and lives. As a result, we are in the midst of an unprecedented response to mobilize, clean up and rebuild with a sense of urgency and efficiency. As a law firm that counsels a range of businesses and municipalities throughout New York and New Jersey, we are pleased to introduce a periodic update on the fast-moving developments post-Sandy.

President Obama Appoints Shaun Donovan to Lead Federal Involvement in New York and New Jersey's Recovery

Yesterday, President Obama visited New York and announced that Shaun Donovan would serve as the federal government's point-person for Washington's involvement in New York and New Jersey's Hurricane Sandy recovery (via and the NY Daily News). Mr. Donovan has held a number of state and federal positions in his career, including the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

About the National Disaster Recovery Framework

In following Sandy-related news, you may have heard mention of the National Disaster Recovery Framework. The NDRF is a guide that was prepared in September 2011 by FEMA which the agency employs to coordinate a unified national and regional response to disasters. It is designed to ensure a coordinated effort among different levels of government and private stakeholders with the goal of restoring and revitalizing impacted communities. The Framework assists planners to address critical health, social, economic and environmental issues caused by the disaster. As governmental programs and responses are developed over the coming weeks and months, it is anticipated that the concepts established by FEMA in the NDRF will serve one of the primary bases for implementation of disaster recovery.

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